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Friday, September 17, 2010

GAP Girl Sweater Set Collection

GAP Purple Hoodie Bear Sweater Set


Size Top (Shoulder:Chest:Length) Pant (Waist:Length)
2y ~ SOLD
Top (27cm : 29cm : 37cm)
Pant (23cm : 53cm)
4y --------------------> 1 Available
Top (29cm : 31cm : 43cm)
Pant (25cm : 57cm)
5y --------------------> 1 Available
Top (31cm : 33cm : 44cm)
Pant (26cm : 63cm)
6y --------------------> 1 Available
Top (32cm : 35cm : 48cm)
Pant (27cm : 67cm)
7y --------------------> 1 Available
Top (33cm : 36cm : 51cm)
Pant (27cm : 65cm)
8y --------------------> 1 Available
Top (34cm : 37cm : 52cm)
Pant (29cm : 73cm)

Gap Girl hoodie jacket + skirt pink set


Size Top (Shoulder:Chest:Length) Pant (Waist:Length)
3y --------------------> 1 Available
Top (28cm : 31cm : 39cm)
Pant (24cm : 58cm)
6y --------------------> SOLD
Top (33cm : 37cm : 47cm)
Pant (27cm : 67cm)

Gap Girl hoodie jacket + pant Love set


Top (Shoulder:Chest:Length) 
Pant (Waist:Length)
3y --------------------> Sold
Top (28cm : 31cm : 38cm)
Pant (24cm : 52cm)
4y --------------------> Sold
Top (30cm : 33cm : 39cm)
Pant (25cm : 55cm)


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